Uber vs Lyft, Which One is Better for Businesses

Do you need a ride? These days, instead of using a taxi, businesses instead now use Uber or Lyft. But the question a lot of people want to know is – which is the better ride sharing service – Uber or Lyft? Let’s find out.

  1. Availability

Ride sharing services in general are available in the city where there are a lot of people who need their service. At the moment, Uber is available in over 300 cities around the world while Lyft is only available in less than 150 cities and are focused in the United States at the moment. They do have plans to expand. So in terms of availability the clear winner is UBER. This is especially true if you live outside the US.  Uber is especially popular in cities like Dallas, Texas.  Uber is doing a promotion for uber codes in Dallas so you can end up getting a free ride easily.  You can also find uber’s promo codes in Atlanta as well quite easily.

  1. Pricing

Perhaps the most important deciding factor for a lot of people is the price point of the service. But it’s not as easy as you think. It really depends on the time of day and the service you require. Also, price varies from city to city. Uber has Surge rates, while Lyft has he Prime Time rates. But it would appear that they are still cheaper compared to taxis even with the surge/prime time.

The rate differences between Uber and Lyft is also really minimal. For non-peak hours, the base charge is between $1-$1.50 and then $1.50 for every mile thereafter. But for peak hours, the Prime Time cap of Lyft is 3x the normal base rate. Uber, however, can go as high as 8X the base rate if they have Surge pricing. When it comes to pricing, Lyft wins.

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  1. Service

Both Lyft and Uber uses an app (which available for iOS and Android phones free of charge). You pretty much get the same features however there is a difference in the tiers of ride available.

With Uber, you get 7 tiers – Pool, UberX, Select, Black Car, SUV, Lux, and Access. With Lyft, you get 3 options – Line, Lyft and Plus. In addition, to be able to use their services, you’ll need to create an account, provide your email, phone number and full name as well as your payment details.

When it comes to requesting a ride, the process is nearly the same for both however it’s been found that you can get a Lyft much faster in some cities. When it comes to the ease and convenience of using their services however, UBER wins because it offers more options and you will also know the real time price of your ride.

How to Keep Your Toronto Corporate Office Safe and Secure: Top 10 Office Security Tips

We’ve all seen movie scenes where disgruntled employees rampage through the office after closed hours, and destroy expensive equipment.

An excellent example is Peep Show’s fired employees who ravage through their office.

Now while popular culture may like to focus on that aspect of office security(or rather insecurity), employees typically aren’t the ones who cause issues.  Professional burglars are a far more dangerous threat.  In certain hyper-competitive and cuthroat industries office spies are an actual threat.  I’d highly suggest hiring a professional emergency Toronto locksmith to install an office security system.

Its of utmost importance that you place a high priority on office security, especially if you run a multi-million or even a multi-billion dollar business.  Installing an office security system and hiring guards are both great ideas.

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Hire Security Guards

If you are in charge of a large office complex, you should have security guards in the first floor of your building who check the IDs of everyone who walks in, and takes account of visitors and such.

If you’re in charge of a small office situated on one floor, make sure you question the building’s manager about the security precauations.  If you feel they are lacking, it may be worth hiring a security guard for your own office.

If you don’t want to hire a security guard, make sure your secretary is in a place where he or she can intercept people coming in and out of the office.  It may be worth it to hire a male secretary who is also a security guard to kill two birds with one stone.

Install a High-Tech Security System

At the least you should own a security system that has cameras and allows you to see who goes in and out of the office.  There should be a digital lock for sensitive files as well.

However, if you’re running an extremely profitable business, it may make sense for a more elaborate system.   An example of this is a bank, they protect their money with elaborate safes, heavily armed guards, and extensive training.

If you protect business secrets that are worth millions of dollars why shouldn’t you invest heavily in security?  Are your secrets any less valuable?

Many businesses require keypad or even fingerprint access to get into important areas.

Make Employees Sign NDAs

NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) should be signed by all employees, especially those with access to sensitive information.  The last thing you want is your employee being poached by a competitors, and then him telling them your every business practice.

The Best Lighting Solutions For Your Office to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

A poorly lit office will affect your mood and productivity, which is why you need to use the best lighting solutions available. It’s not as simple as putting up a fixture over the ceiling or the desk though, as the placement and type of light used has a direct effect on your mood.   Additionally, its important to use a licensed and top notch electrician when building an office lighting solution.

Use Natural Lighting

Ergonomics and lighting go hand in hand, but natural lighting is also important and should be used. If given a choice, organize your office so that you can take advantage of natural light as it’s free and in many cases, brighter than artificial light.

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Indirect Lighting

Direct light over your desk isn’t always the best solution, because there are times when it hurts your eyes and affects productivity. If direct lighting is bothering you, try lensed indirect lighting instead as it’s easier on the eyes.

Avoid Furniture Glare

Arrange your office furniture so those that produce glare are as far away from the light as possible. You should also arrange your desk so that your computer monitor doesn’t generate distracting glares while you work. If you’re up for a paint job, paint your walls with bright colors as that helps increase productivity.

Finally, organize your light fixtures so that illumination is evenly distributed and there are no dark corners in your workspace. If you’re going to do a lot of intensive work, make sure there are no shadow zones, and this isn’t as difficult as it sounds because by rearranging the lights you can quickly see which areas are too dark or too bright.

What do The Insides of Startups Look Like?

Startup company offices are as varied as can be, and very often the working environment goes a long way in influencing how the public perceives them. Although startup companies are identified with the tech world, startups can and do pop up in other industries.


Common Characteristics

That being said, startup company offices do share some characteristics in terms of design. This is particularly true with Internet related firms where the emphasis is on making the office environment as comfortable as possible. For these reasons, you’ll notice that the interiors are casual, have plenty of space and accommodations.

The number of amenities in a startup office will depend on how much capital it has of course, but what it all comes down to is this: the workspace needs to be open, refreshing and conducive to new ideas and creativity since that is what a startup is all about.

So a typical startup company will have a kitchen, a gaming or recreation room, several couches and other amenities that make it feel like home. Some of the larger startups also incorporate green elements in the design, such as recycled materials, plants, etc. Hip or whimsical designs and trinkets usually abound as employees are typically in their 20s, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

A Good Paint Job

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Finally, the importance of the paint job cannot be ignored. John, a partner at Painters GTA, a very popular Mississauga painter firm, has this to say: “Choosing the right paint coat can change the workplace from a depressing and sad place to a productive and exciting environment.”

Experts agree with him because colors and the working environment have a direct effect on a worker’s production. So if you’re interested in joining or getting involved in a startup company, the paint job has to be a priority. As any psychologist will tell you, colors have a profound effect on people, so it cannot be ignored.

There’s no question that at the end of the day, the company’s end product is what will determine its success or failure, but the place where all the work takes place is just as important, hence the need for creating a workspace that’s enjoyable and relaxing.

The 5 Coolest Corporate Headquarter Buildings

Corporate headquarters today aren’t what they used to be: gone are the drab, grey buildings, as we now have stylish, environmentally friendly and stylish offices for work and play. There are a lot of fancy offices today, but the following are definitely the best when it comes to functionality and style.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

The Selgas Cano office is in Madrid, Spain. Designed by Iwan Baan, the office is half underground and half above ground and is notable for its colorful details and the clean lines, giving it a light and breezy feel. Step into this office and you’ll notice that it’s very relaxing.

selgano cano

Google Office – Zurich

Google Office is synonymous with fun and style, and the design definitely shows that it’s a place that mixes pleasure and business effectively. There’s a policy in Google that no one must be more than a hundred meters away from chow, so there are plenty of kitchens.

There are also cafeterias everywhere where you can chat with colleagues, and if you’re looking for some peace and quiet there’s an aquarium and library close by. Through the years, Google has established a reputation for creating friendly working environments, and this is certainly proof of that.

google office in zurich

Red Bull Office – Soho, London

The Red Bull Office was designed for working people in their 20s, so it’s not surprising that the company has dismissed the corporate look and has a more relaxed, lounge-like design. Features from the old buildings –which were renovated- are kept, and there’s a reception that is convertible to a bar at night.

The colors, design and atmosphere makes the Red Bull Office a very comfortable and interesting place to work in, and judging from the results, increases work productivity as well.

AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California

AOL has undergone dramatic changes as a company, and the same thing can be said for their HQ in Palo Alto since They’ve gotten rid of the drab, corporate look in favor of a fresh new design. Their headquarters is typical of most Internet companies with lots of kitchens, generous work spaces, pool tables, game rooms and plenty of relaxation areas.

Parliament – Portland, Oregon

Last but not the least on our list of the coolest buildings is Parliament. The emphasis is of course on keeping employees comfortable and happy, but what makes this building different from the rest is the materials used consist of reclaimed and recycled stuff, including a church, a pizza oven, street signs and more.

But even though the building uses recycled materials, it doesn’t suffer in terms of design and comfort, as the emphasis on detail and finish is top of the line. The combination of different raw materials also gives it a cool and sophisticated look.

There are other cool office buildings, such as the Dreamhost in La Brea, California, the Comvert in Milan and Facebook’s office in Palo Alto. But the five mentioned above are simply a cut above the rest as they’ve proven time and again their efficiency in terms of providing a relaxing and productive environment. If you’re looking for a place to work, the top 5 mentioned here are good choices.