How to Keep Your Toronto Corporate Office Safe and Secure: Top 10 Office Security Tips

We’ve all seen movie scenes where disgruntled employees rampage through the office after closed hours, and destroy expensive equipment.

An excellent example is Peep Show’s fired employees who ravage through their office.

Now while popular culture may like to focus on that aspect of office security(or rather insecurity), employees typically aren’t the ones who cause issues.  Professional burglars are a far more dangerous threat.  In certain hyper-competitive and cuthroat industries office spies are an actual threat.  I’d highly suggest hiring a professional emergency Toronto locksmith to install an office security system.

Its of utmost importance that you place a high priority on office security, especially if you run a multi-million or even a multi-billion dollar business.  Installing an office security system and hiring guards are both great ideas.

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Hire Security Guards

If you are in charge of a large office complex, you should have security guards in the first floor of your building who check the IDs of everyone who walks in, and takes account of visitors and such.

If you’re in charge of a small office situated on one floor, make sure you question the building’s manager about the security precauations.  If you feel they are lacking, it may be worth hiring a security guard for your own office.

If you don’t want to hire a security guard, make sure your secretary is in a place where he or she can intercept people coming in and out of the office.  It may be worth it to hire a male secretary who is also a security guard to kill two birds with one stone.

Install a High-Tech Security System

At the least you should own a security system that has cameras and allows you to see who goes in and out of the office.  There should be a digital lock for sensitive files as well.

However, if you’re running an extremely profitable business, it may make sense for a more elaborate system.   An example of this is a bank, they protect their money with elaborate safes, heavily armed guards, and extensive training.

If you protect business secrets that are worth millions of dollars why shouldn’t you invest heavily in security?  Are your secrets any less valuable?

Many businesses require keypad or even fingerprint access to get into important areas.

Make Employees Sign NDAs

NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) should be signed by all employees, especially those with access to sensitive information.  The last thing you want is your employee being poached by a competitors, and then him telling them your every business practice.