The 5 Coolest Corporate Headquarter Buildings

Corporate headquarters today aren’t what they used to be: gone are the drab, grey buildings, as we now have stylish, environmentally friendly and stylish offices for work and play. There are a lot of fancy offices today, but the following are definitely the best when it comes to functionality and style.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

The Selgas Cano office is in Madrid, Spain. Designed by Iwan Baan, the office is half underground and half above ground and is notable for its colorful details and the clean lines, giving it a light and breezy feel. Step into this office and you’ll notice that it’s very relaxing.

selgano cano

Google Office – Zurich

Google Office is synonymous with fun and style, and the design definitely shows that it’s a place that mixes pleasure and business effectively. There’s a policy in Google that no one must be more than a hundred meters away from chow, so there are plenty of kitchens.

There are also cafeterias everywhere where you can chat with colleagues, and if you’re looking for some peace and quiet there’s an aquarium and library close by. Through the years, Google has established a reputation for creating friendly working environments, and this is certainly proof of that.

google office in zurich

Red Bull Office – Soho, London

The Red Bull Office was designed for working people in their 20s, so it’s not surprising that the company has dismissed the corporate look and has a more relaxed, lounge-like design. Features from the old buildings –which were renovated- are kept, and there’s a reception that is convertible to a bar at night.

The colors, design and atmosphere makes the Red Bull Office a very comfortable and interesting place to work in, and judging from the results, increases work productivity as well.

AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California

AOL has undergone dramatic changes as a company, and the same thing can be said for their HQ in Palo Alto since They’ve gotten rid of the drab, corporate look in favor of a fresh new design. Their headquarters is typical of most Internet companies with lots of kitchens, generous work spaces, pool tables, game rooms and plenty of relaxation areas.

Parliament – Portland, Oregon

Last but not the least on our list of the coolest buildings is Parliament. The emphasis is of course on keeping employees comfortable and happy, but what makes this building different from the rest is the materials used consist of reclaimed and recycled stuff, including a church, a pizza oven, street signs and more.

But even though the building uses recycled materials, it doesn’t suffer in terms of design and comfort, as the emphasis on detail and finish is top of the line. The combination of different raw materials also gives it a cool and sophisticated look.

There are other cool office buildings, such as the Dreamhost in La Brea, California, the Comvert in Milan and Facebook’s office in Palo Alto. But the five mentioned above are simply a cut above the rest as they’ve proven time and again their efficiency in terms of providing a relaxing and productive environment. If you’re looking for a place to work, the top 5 mentioned here are good choices.