The Best Lighting Solutions For Your Office to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

A poorly lit office will affect your mood and productivity, which is why you need to use the best lighting solutions available. It’s not as simple as putting up a fixture over the ceiling or the desk though, as the placement and type of light used has a direct effect on your mood.   Additionally, its important to use a licensed and top notch electrician when building an office lighting solution.

Use Natural Lighting

Ergonomics and lighting go hand in hand, but natural lighting is also important and should be used. If given a choice, organize your office so that you can take advantage of natural light as it’s free and in many cases, brighter than artificial light.

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Indirect Lighting

Direct light over your desk isn’t always the best solution, because there are times when it hurts your eyes and affects productivity. If direct lighting is bothering you, try lensed indirect lighting instead as it’s easier on the eyes.

Avoid Furniture Glare

Arrange your office furniture so those that produce glare are as far away from the light as possible. You should also arrange your desk so that your computer monitor doesn’t generate distracting glares while you work. If you’re up for a paint job, paint your walls with bright colors as that helps increase productivity.

Finally, organize your light fixtures so that illumination is evenly distributed and there are no dark corners in your workspace. If you’re going to do a lot of intensive work, make sure there are no shadow zones, and this isn’t as difficult as it sounds because by rearranging the lights you can quickly see which areas are too dark or too bright.