What do The Insides of Startups Look Like?

Startup company offices are as varied as can be, and very often the working environment goes a long way in influencing how the public perceives them. Although startup companies are identified with the tech world, startups can and do pop up in other industries.


Common Characteristics

That being said, startup company offices do share some characteristics in terms of design. This is particularly true with Internet related firms where the emphasis is on making the office environment as comfortable as possible. For these reasons, you’ll notice that the interiors are casual, have plenty of space and accommodations.

The number of amenities in a startup office will depend on how much capital it has of course, but what it all comes down to is this: the workspace needs to be open, refreshing and conducive to new ideas and creativity since that is what a startup is all about.

So a typical startup company will have a kitchen, a gaming or recreation room, several couches and other amenities that make it feel like home. Some of the larger startups also incorporate green elements in the design, such as recycled materials, plants, etc. Hip or whimsical designs and trinkets usually abound as employees are typically in their 20s, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

A Good Paint Job

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Finally, the importance of the paint job cannot be ignored. John, a partner at Painters GTA, a very popular Mississauga painter firm, has this to say: “Choosing the right paint coat can change the workplace from a depressing and sad place to a productive and exciting environment.”

Experts agree with him because colors and the working environment have a direct effect on a worker’s production. So if you’re interested in joining or getting involved in a startup company, the paint job has to be a priority. As any psychologist will tell you, colors have a profound effect on people, so it cannot be ignored.

There’s no question that at the end of the day, the company’s end product is what will determine its success or failure, but the place where all the work takes place is just as important, hence the need for creating a workspace that’s enjoyable and relaxing.